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1文藻外語大學Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages
2校長室Office of the President
3副校長室Office of the Vice President
4教務處Office of Academic Affairs
41註冊組Registration Section
42課務組Curriculum Section
43招生組Recruitment Section
44綜合業務組General Affairs Section
45外語能力診斷輔導中心Language Diagnostic & Consulting Center
5學生事務處Student Affairs Division
51諮商與輔導中心Student Counseling Section
52服務學習中心Office of Service Learning
53生涯發展中心Career Development Center
54軍訓室Military Education Office
55生活輔導組Guidance and Counseling Section
56課外活動指導組Extracurricular Activities Section
57衛生保健組Health Section
58學生宿務組Dormitory Affairs Section
59境外學生輔導組International Students Counseling Section
6研究發展處Office of Research and Development
61校務發展組University Planning & Development Section
62學術發展組Academic Development Section
63產官學合作組Industry-Government-Academia Cooperation Section
7總務處Office of General Affairs
71事務組General Affairs Section
72環安組Environmental Safety Section
73營繕組Construction and Maintenance Section
74出納組Cashiers Section
75文書組Documentation Section
8國際暨兩岸合作處Office of International and Cross-Strait Cooperation
9進修部Division of Continuing
10推廣部Division of Extension Education
101推廣教育中心Extension Education Center
102翻譯會展服務中心Translation and Conference Service Center
11會計室Accounting Office
12人事室Personnel Office
15資訊與教學科技中心Information and Instructional Technology Center
16教師發展中心Center for Faculty Development
17公關室Office of Public Relations
21英語暨國際學院College of English and International Studies
211英國語文系/國際商務英語學士學位學程Department of English/Bachelor Degree Program of International Business English
212翻譯系/多國語複譯研究所/國際觀光與會展學士學位學程Department of Translation and Interpreting/Graduate Institute of Multilingual Translation and Interpreting/Bachelor Degree Program of International Tourism and MICE
213國際事務系/國際事務碩士學位學程Department of International Affairs/Master's Degree Program of International Affairs
214國際企業管理系/國際事業暨文化交流研究所Department of International Business Administration/Graduate Institute of International Business and Cultural Practices
215英語教學中心Center for English Language Teaching
22歐亞語文學院College of European and Asian Languages
221法國語文系Department of French
222德國語文系Department of German
223西班牙語文系Department of Spanish
223日本語文系Department of Japanese
224歐盟觀光文化經貿園區European (EU) Center
225東南亞語言教學中心Center for Southeast Asian Languages Teaching
23文教創意產業學院College of Cultural and Education Innovation
231外語教學系/外語文教事業發展研究所Department of Foreign Language Instruction/Graduate Institute of Foreign Language Education and Cultural Industries
232應用華語文系/華語文教學研究所Department of Applied Chinese/Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language
233傳播藝術系/創意藝術產業研究所Department of Communication Arts/Graduate Institute of Creative Arts Industries
234數位內容應用與管理系Department of Digital Content Application and Management
235師資培育中心Center for Teacher Education
24全人教育學院College of The Holistic Education
241通識教育中心Center for General Education
242吳甦樂教育中心Center for Ursuline Education
243體育教學中心Center for Physical Education
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